Our vision is to make beautiful leather accessories, luxurious in quality and design, and affordable for every woman.

The journey began when we started supplying handbags to luxury brands, which were being retailed with mark ups of 1000%! The product was unreasonably priced for most customers.  We realised, that with the creation of our own brand, luxury affordable bags could be accessible to every woman. It is with this vision that we have created beautiful handbags without an extortionate price tag and over branding.

We want each bag to be special, accessible and deserving of our customer. 




Our signature bag has been inspired by the movie star and Princess, Grace Kelly.

She was the epitome of style and grace, true to her name.

So, we have combined luxurious leather with grace and elegance in design.

A unique combination of classic vintage style with a modern contemporary edginess.

 The Grace embodies all day versatility, that can be carried for breakfast, lunch or your dinner date.  

It has understated elegance yet embodies a statement of modern confidence.

It has been created for the exciting, independent, sophisticated woman who is unique and Avant Garde.



Liv Morgan is a collaboration of two families - one French and one British.

French chic combines with British craftsmanship to create products worthy of the modern, independent woman. Both families are very creative. Christophe and Olivia met Roger and Robina a few years ago.

Sewing Leather
Robina Morgan

Robina Morgan, has worked with Roger (see below) for the last ten years, developing products for major brands. She collaborates with Christophe on the design and implementation of the product. Robina has an innate sense of what todays’ woman wants and is determined to bring this to life. She is the Ambassador of the brand trialling all the bags before production to ensure they provide all the necessities the modern woman needs today.  

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Christophe has a design background and has been a fashion photographer for over twenty years. He has worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Hair and Chic, photographing top models, actresses and popstars for top brands such as L’Oréal. He is the designer for Liv Morgan, bringing his sense of French flair to the design process and capturing the essence of the brand with beauty and sophistication.

Sewing Leather
Roger Morgan

Roger, from London, has nearly thirty years of experience in the leather industry.  He has manufactured for luxury brands such as Burberry, Mulberry, Nicole Fahri, Aspinal Of London and many more. He oversees the manufacture of our bags using his knowledge and experience of manufacturing to bring worldwide excellence to the brand.

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Olivia Kursar

Olivia is our marketing, graphic and web designer. She has a background of over 12 years in agency and retail including working for one of the leading US brand. She is constantly on top of the ever-changing trends in fashion and availability of product.



Wild Flowers

Our mission is to create a beautiful product with integrity, versatility and style - worn by women with individuality, strength and confidence.  

“Liv Morgan” brings substance and innovation to each of its designs.

Every woman wants to feel special with a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’.  

We want to create a product that will do just that!

Every woman wants a bag that is easy to wear and represents who they are.